Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo


The Sacro bosco di Bomarzo is located in the heart of Tuscia Laziale. Inside this grove you will be catapulted into an imaginary world, populated with mythological animals and huge stone monsters, which since over 500 years ago instill fear, surprise and wonder into every visitor. That is, since architect Pirro Ligorio built it by commission of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini. This garden of wonders was redescovered and revalued over time specially thanks to many artists, like Salvador DalĂ­. The surrealist painter was so struck by his visit to the park that he found inspiration for one of his paintings: The Temptation of St. Anthony. The attractions in this park are so many and see them in person turns out to be an extraordinary sight not only for the eyes but also for our mind. It is certainly worth experiencing a magical experience in this attraction that leaves you speechless!


Distance: 60Km

Journey time: 50min

Reachable by car