Calcata magica


Calcata magica stands on a tufo hill on the riverside of the Treja river and is a very picturesque place where time seems to have stopped. It is the ideal destination for lovers of nature and good food.
Calcata is of Faliscan origin. Built on a spectacular tufaceous spur, it is in the Treja Valley Regional Park, an area inhabited since the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. On the hills around Calcata and above all on Narce, Pizzo Piede and Monte Li Santi, archaeological excavations have identified traces of a large inhabited falisco that had its maximum flowering between the seventh and sixth centuries BC. The falisci was an Italic population connected with the Etruscan world and had as its capital Faleri Veteres, today’s Civita Castellana. In 241 B.C. The whole area passes under Roman domination.
The village, as we can still see today, retains a medieval structure. It was a fief of the Anguillara, of the Sinibaldi and, finally, of the Massimo.


Distance: 20Km

Journey time: 25min

Reachable by car