Bracciano Lake


Already inhabited at the time of the Etruscans, the shores of Bracciano Lake, have seen alternate and added to the previous populations, Romans, Goths, Longobards and Frech. The name “Bracciano” probably derives from the “brachia” or the arms of the Roman aqueducts built numerous in the area. The small agricultural village becomes an important military center when the noble Orsini family bought it from the Vico, owners of the entire Tuscia, and built a fortress there. Construction began in 1470 and continued for about 25 years, but eventually turned out to be one of the best examples of noble dwelling combined with the military architecture of the Renaissance. Since then the noble residence hosted Popes and Emperors becoming a true Renaissance Court, thanks to the patronage of the Orsinis who also hosted famous artists. Later, all the territory that was part of the feud, including the nearby town of Anguillara, became a Duchy and lived a long period of splendor. In 1952, after a period of neglect, the castle passed to the Odescalchi family, which was opened to the public for guided tours.


Distance: 40Km

Journey time: 45min

Reachable by car